Hello to all readers, people tent to say a lot of things about dogs and children and there are a lot of myth about it. Some people think that with children should have only small dogs but that is just a myth and not the reality of things. Actually the smaller dogs like the Chihuahua are very hot temper, are grumpy, moody and aren’t playful at all.

I have years of experience dealing with dogs and children and I can assure you the best family dogs are the medium and larger dogs. This is because the medium and larger dogs are more energetic and playful just like the children. And they can play all day long with your kids and never get tire of playing. Also, they are loyal, faithful and good companions.

Before going over some of the best family breeds of dogs. First ask yourself are you ready to become a puppy parent? They need plenty of attention, of course you can always take your dog in the park with your kids and they’ll have lots of fun together. And the first year they’re going to need putty training and be teething so the gums will bother them. That’s why you’ll need bones and toys for them to chew on.


  • If you already have the dog and are pregnant, let your dog sniff your tummy and hear the kicks,
  • when you come back from the hospital the dog is going to be exited to meet you and the new baby just like everyone. That’s why is very important for you to let your dog to get close to your baby and sniff it. Dogs recognize people and things by smelling and sniffing. The best thing you could do, it’s to come in with the baby in a cart. Pad your dog and say hi, because he has’t seen you in days and is exited to say hello and greed you. Right After that let the dog meet your new baby in the cart. He then will sniff the cart and see the baby. It’s supper important for you to let your dog meet the baby so the dog will feel like part of the family and start having a good relationship with the baby. (Dogs know when I child is small and are very soft with them) Still when the dog gets close to the baby, say to your dog “softly, softly” and pad the dog. If you don’t let your dog meet your baby It’s going to make the dog feel left out and maybe even jealous.
  • Never train a dog to protect the house. If you treat a dog with affection and take him with the family to play in the park, hiking, fishing or simply play in the backyard and watch t.v on the couch with them, they will naturally protect all the members of the house. (training a dog to protect can destroy his good nature and make a dog not trust people) Naturally they are very alert and looks after the family.
  • When people come, they will bark. Let them. That’s one way to know when strangers are approaching or visitors are coming. Dogs are very social and love to communicate and have company.
  • If you like you can take the dog for obedience, just for obedience not protection. That they do naturally.
  • Never let a child pull a dog’s ears, tails or hair.
  • If a child pulls a dog’s ear or tail, hair, you need to explain to the child that it hurts the dog. And teach the kids to pad them softly and play with the dog with toys or a ball. No matter how small your kids might be wither they are a baby of 3 months or 8 years old. They will understand you. The smaller the kids, The faster they’ll learn.

        Dog Breeds

There are a lot of Breeds and mix breeds that are great for children and make a great family dog never the less I’ll mention some of the most common family dog breed:

German Shepard– This is one of the most popular breads in the United States due to many reasons. They are loyal, intelligent, used a lot as a cattle dog or working dog, as well as a wonderful family dogs that’s lovable, playful, energetic, social and loves to do fun things with the family.

Belgian Shepard– This Bread is very similar to the German Shepard and It’s also friendly, loyal, intelligent, energetic and playful, loves the outdoors. Also, use as a cattle dog and working dog also makes a great family dogs,

Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever– Both Retrievers are similar except that the Labrador has short hair. These breads love the water!!!! they’ll go on the first lake they see. If you like fishing or sailing they are ideal. And they love kids. They are intelligent, curious, loyal, faithful and great companions.

Black mouth cur– The Black mouth Cur is a relatively new bread made in South of the United States. The bread is made with the cross of a Labrador Retrievers and also loves the water!!!!! My dog is a Black mouth cur and every time she sees a lake or lagoon will run right into it. She also loves kids, these dogs are also playful, loyal, faithful, energetic and loves the outdoors

Siberian Husky-This bread is for the snow. They can be outside at 38 degree”F” and feel great. I recommend this dog for people that live in colder areas like Canada, New York, New Jersey, Some people bring them to live in hot places Like Florida and that’s really not a good place for them. These dogs are also loyal, faithful, playful and energetic and great with kids., but they suffer a lot in hot places. They are great family dog but if you plan on having one please make sure you live in an appropriate place for them.


Collie– Have you seen the old series on T.V. Lassie? That’s the Collie breed dog. They are very intelligent, very trainable, loyal, faithful and energetic. Also, are playful, very social and love kids.

Some smaller breads that are also good for kids are: Boston Terrier, Dachshund, and Cavalier king Charles Spaniel


  • JarieLyn |December 8, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    Great post on the different dog breeds. My friend had a golden retriever and it was so gentle and playful with kids and adults.

    I really like that you talked about letting the dog sniff your stomach while pregnant and also to greet the dog when coming home for the first time with the baby. You provided some very good tips for the introduction of the new addition to the family.

    • Claudia |December 9, 2021 at 1:33 am

      Hello JarieLyn, thank you so much for your feedback. There is so much miss information and fear about babies & dogs and I’m hoping that this article will help some families.

  • Djordje |December 26, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    Very interesting and instructive article. I like it because you mentioned which breeds of dogs are best for babies and younger children. My cousin has a German Shepherd,he is always friendly and treats everyone nicely,also they are very pretty dogs. Thank you so much for this post, it was helpful to me.

    • Claudia |December 26, 2021 at 9:54 pm

      Hello Djordje. Thank you very much for your comment.  I’m very happy to know that this article is helpful to the community. And with time I will write  more posts with useful information.

  • Angela |March 19, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    Great photos and Info! Thank you!

    • Claudia |March 20, 2022 at 10:00 pm

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you like it.