Harmful Foods for dogs

All the foods I’m going to list in this article are dangerous for dogs to eat, they all cause serious sickness to dogs and can even cause them to die. Here I’m going to mentions the 10 foods or group of foods that shouldn’t ever, ever be given to a dog.

                1. Sugar

The dogs metabolism is more sensitive than the human metabolism. And after 1 year or so of daily sugar it will cause a dog serious Diabetes type 2.


2. Onions, Tomatoes & Garlic

the onions, tomatoes & garlic are very toxic for dogs. It doesn’t matter either the onions are cooked, raw or dry. and it doesn’t matter what kind of onions, red, yellow or white all onions are toxic for dogs. Just a bit of onions 0.5 once(15,grams) or even less can cause serious sickness and will need to go to a vet.

The garlic for us human beings are very beneficial but for a dog the garlic is toxic and can cause death as well.

3. Coffee, tea, chocolate.

The caffeine of the coffee and tea can and will harm your dog. And not only the tea and coffee but everything that has caffeine on it like Coke, coca Cola or any other soda that also has a lot of sugar. Chocolate will kill your dogs, Even a bit of chocolate can kill your dog.

              4. Avocado

The avocado is also toxic for dogs. And the middle bone in the avocado can actually chock dogs.and will need an urgent operation to take the bone out of the dogie throat which is not easy to take out because its slippery and round.

               5. Salt

Too much salt will latterly kill your dog. The natural food alright has its natural salt but adding salt will harm them so please don’t give them any salt at all.

6. Macadamia nuts, grapes & rains

These foods causes diarrhea, renal problems which will cause serious sickness to any dog.

7. Mold Food or Spoil Food

Dogs are more sensitive to Spoil food than us humans  It can cause combutions, diarrhea, vomiting, motor incordinations. It can cause dogs terrible hepatic conditions that could also be fatal


             8. Alcohol

Never give alcohol to a dog it will harm Your dog. It doesn’t matter neither is just a bit of wine or beer or strong alcohol like whiskey and mix drinks, it will make a dog very sick and it could be fatal. You’ll need to take your dog to a veterinarian urgently.

9. The dough of raw bread or Cooked bones

Raw bread dough that contains yeast can lead to serious and even fatal poisoning in dogs. The lump of the bread dough will expand in the dogs stomach causing several abominates distention. As the yeast cells ferment, blood ethanol can rise to toxic levels.

       10. Cherries, spicy or hot food.

The main danger of cherries is their bits, stems and leaves contain cyanide, which is poisonous and potentially lethal if consumed in high enough quantities. Cherries pits can also get lodged in a dog digestive tract cause intestinal blockages.

The spicy & hot food causes diarrhea, vomiting,throwing-up, renal problems

In other words, all the foods listed above are very dangerous for dogs to eat, they all cause them serious sickness, chocking and some even death. So please never give a dog any of the listed foods above.