Keeping Dogs Happy And Healthy


Keeping your dog healthy and happy


     We need to be aware that not all healthy dogs are happy because of the way they are treated but all happy dogs are healthy. The dogs in general are all friendly , social, faithful and great companions. If you take them with you in the park or everywhere you go that makes them very happy.

Also, dogs are part of the family and they like to do activities with all the members of the family wither they’re playing with you on the back yard, hanging out on the living room while watching TV, going on a car ride or going on vacations; they are happy because they are in the group with their family.

A healthy dog is a happy dog

Furthermore, keeping your dog healthy is just as important as giving your dog love. The best way to keep your dog healthy is to give them plenty water and a balance meal and in the following ways:

  • Keep a bowl full of fresh water for your dog 24/7. Water needs to be change at least once a day.
  • The yearly shots is a must once every year to keep your dog healthy.
  • They need a balance meal however, there are a lot of varieties of dog food but not all dog foods are good, some dog food can make dogs sick. The can food for example generally cause diarrhea to dogs. And not all dry dog food is good some have chemicals and preservatives which can also cause a dog to get Sick in many ways it can cause them to vomit, get cancer or even shorten their lives, never the less, there are a lot good options to feed your dog. You can cook your own natural dog food if you have time however you need to know that some things are bad for dogs, like fried food & garlic, onions& tomatoes are toxic for dogs. If you google it you ‘ll find the list of the foods that’s bad for dogs. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to cook your best option is Natural dry dog food. Its healthy food. Dogs like it. And it leaves dogs a shiny coat.
  • In other words, a dog that is treat it like another member of the family with love and affection and has always fresh water in its bowl, plus the daily balance meal and their yearly shots, it’s a happy and healthy dog.