• They are all puppies until they’re 2 years old.

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It’s important that we know the different  development stages of a puppy so we can understand them and help them in all we can. We need to have in mind that a dog is considered a puppy until 2 years old. Although most of the physical growth of a puppy is in the first year, many of them still grow some more after 1 1/2 years or so. And most don’t finish teething until 18 months old.

When puppies are just born, they don’t open their eyes until they’re 2 weeks old. The first 2 weeks they just sleep, eat from their mommy’s breast and kept warm by their mom.

Then there’s a transition period between 2 to 4 weeks, at this time the puppies begin to open their eyes, develop their senses of smell and hearing. It’s in this stage when they begin to be aware of everything around them, their mother, brothers & sisters and people around them. It’s when they first start socializing., however at this stage they’re still too small to be separated from their mother. They still need to be fed by their mom and kept warm by their mom. And if for any reason the puppy is separated from its mom before its time, the puppy would need special care and be kept warm until is fully developed.

When can a puppy be separated from its mom ?

Yellow Labrador mother dog with two black puppies on the grass in the summer garden

Although some people say a puppy can be separated at 8 weeks that’s not the reality or the ideal time. The best time to separate a puppy from their mom is after 3 months. At this time is when they’re beginning to lose their baby teeth and when they’re just beginning to be ready to start training.

It’s important to know your puppy teething process

A puppy has two teething cycles The first circle is when puppies are 2 weeks and begin to grow its baby teeth. And the second circles takes place at the time a puppy starts loosing its baby teeth and begins to grow the grown up teeth.

The First Cycle of teething

Puppies are born without teeth. A puppy grows its first tooth when is about 2 weeks old. And they start losing they’re baby teeth when they are about 3 months old. Most of us don’t need to worry about the first Circle because most puppies are adopted after 3 months old.

Second cycle of teething

puppies begin to get their grown up teeth when they’re about 4 months old. And they finish getting all the grown up teeth between 7 months to 18 months. Teething hardly hurts a puppy at all, however sometimes its gums get a little irritable or sore.

When teething their gum bother them

when the puppies are teething, their jaws bother them so much that they’ll bite the first thing they can get their hands on. It seems that biting relief their gums. Also, it helps them knock out the loose baby tooth. This is why it’s very important to have plenty of toys and bones for a puppy to bite on. If you don’t they’ll bite on anything they can get their hands on, shoes, socks, blankets etc but that’s not their fault they need to bite on something until they finish with their teething process. Remember some puppies take Up to 18 month before all their teeth are fully grown so we need to be patient with our puppy dog.


puppy & owner in the outdoors

Training is also the best way to build a good bound relationship with your puppy. A puppy from 6 weeks to 16 weeks is still too young for obedience training however the puppies at this time are ready to start going to the park, get use to the city noises and begin socializing more. At first, they might be a little scare and we need to help them and make them feel safe.

At about 3 to 6 months a puppy is ready to start obedience training. Before the 3 month they’re still to small for training. Good positive training is the best way to go. The puppy will have fun and learn fast. All dogs or puppies want o do, is to play and make you happy. And puppies, just like children, learn while playing. Treats and water crackers are a good way to train your dog or puppy.

Although, the best time to start training your puppy is from 3 months to 6 months, a dog should always be in training to keep him sharp and to learn new things. You could do that yourself while you’re playing with your dog in the park or backyard, using crackers or treats however, be careful not to use too many treats that would take them off their nutrition balance meal.


After the puppies are finished with the breast feeding stage and the introduction to food stage; when a puppy is somewhere between 8 weeks to 3 months depending on the dog or bread, should start eating puppy food because it has all the nutrition a puppy needs for its growth and development stage. The best food you can feed your pup is Natural dog food or if you prefer you can cook your own food, just keep in mind that certain food like garlic, onions & tomatoes can be toxic for dogs & puppies. In the veterinarian clinic you can get a list of all the food the puppies and dogs can and can’t eat. Also, some cheaper dog food can be also bad for dogs so you need to get a good quality puppy food.

Puppies from 6 months to 2 years

After 6 months the puppies physical growth begins to slow down however they are still puppies until they’re 1  1/2 year or 2 years depending on the dog or bread. The smaller puppies are almost fully grown at 6 months however the medium and bigger dogs grow up until 1 1/2 or 2 years.

Also, at 6 months they begin to be more sure of them self and begins to run off to play with other dogs and start to want to be more independent, Also in this stage the male puppy starts going after the female in heat and the smell of a female puppy in heat is so strong, that the male puppy sometimes looses the smell of their master. This is why is so important for them to have a tag with your phone number on it. Please keep in mind that a dog is a puppy until they’re mentally mature, fully physically grown and finished completely their teething cycle. We need to remember that most dogs finish teething at 18months,except for the smaller dogs.


In other words, the smallest age a puppy can be separated from their mom is at 3 months. And its important to know a puppy stage so you can understand & help them when needed. Always feed the puppies appropriate natural puppy food so they’ll have all the nutrition they need for their growth & development and to keep them healthy. Vaccinations should be done once a year starting at 6weeks to 16 weeks. And It’s important to give them love, affection, attention and play time.

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