• Scientific facts about dogs

I’m writing this article mainly because a lot of the health and safety problem a dog has that can be avoid or prevent it. Many times we are on the run and unaware owners do or don’t do things that can risk the pet health and safety. These are all simple tips and easy to follow

1. Never Forget your dog in the car

I’m sure it’s not intentionally. Sometimes we run into a store thinking we are only going to take 5 minutes and we take like 3 hours leaving the dog 3 hours locked in the car. In a cold place like Alaska it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, in most places like Mexico city or Florida a dog can suffocate and die or get a hot stroke and faint locked in a car. Dog are very sensitive to the heat. We can put up with more heat then dogs. When, it’s 68F degree outside it’s 110F degree inside a close car with windows closed and no air-condition on. A dog can die Of suffocation under that condition or minimum get a heat stroke and faint.

2. Never Over feed your dog.

An over fees dog brings obesity And obesity is a serious health problem. Over weight bring serous heart problems, shorten the dog life span, can cause cancer among other sickness. And also slow the dog down and will hardly be able to walk nor play like other dogs nor have a normal life; so please do not over feed your dog. It can bring serous consequence.

I realize that some dogs when they like something they eat and eat. Just don’t give them everything they want to eat. And I have some article.that says what dogs can or.can’t eat. Also, almost food has a.chart withe that amount they can eat a day.

3. Keep teeth clean

It’s important never to leave your pups teeth unattended. A puppy teeth should be brushed every day in order to keep them clean. Dogs’s that don’t get their teeth brush, will get dental problems like mockery. And eventually can loose their teeth. Also, dental problems can cause diarrhea, vomit and gas on Tommy.

If you let the mockery accumulate it gets hard like a rock and a vet will have to scab it off with a tool. Just brush their teeth and there won’t be ant complication. Prevention is the best thing to do. There are special dogs’s toothpaste. And also there are some special dog bones that cleans the dogs’s teeth.

4. Never hit your dog.

Hitting a dog is not going to solve the problems. And the dog will not understand why you are hitting so the dog will continue doing the same thing over and over again. Also, the dog will become afraid of you and eventually the dog will stress out because you hit him.

The stress in a dog will bring big problems. At the very least the dog is going to get depressed and not eat of sadness. And some dogs can affect psychological and become aggressive being hit and abuse.

5. Never cage a dog

One thing is when you have to use a kennel for traveling in a plane and another is when you cage them to punish them all the time or keep them on a cage.

If you punish a dog caging him you will destroy the animal psychologically and the dog will get depressed or become aggressive.

6. Never chain a dog.

One thing is to tie them up five minutes in front of a store to pick up something and another is to leave yours dog all day cage up outside. Thus is abuse and neglect of the animal. A dog is naturally social, friendly and loving. And will naturally protect the family without training. However, if you keep the chain up all day by itself you will destroy them psychologically and will become depressive or aggressive.

The best way to train and get through a dog is with positive energy and enthusiasm. Also, teaching by praising them and being part of the group or family.

8. Be careful how you pat a dog that you don’t know well.

When you see a dog for the first time you need to get close slowly and have themselves your hand. Once they recognize you can pat on the dogs’s body not head because they can’t see your hand and don’t know you well yet.

9. Don’t ever stare at a dog.

This has nothing to do with the health but yes with the safety. One thing is to look at the dog or see a dog and a very different thing is to constantly stare at a dog. When, a person stare at a dog is generally because they are afraid of dogs and are waiting to see the dogs’s reaction but when a person has this attitude a dog interprets that the person wants to fight or do something bad. And will not like that person.

10. Don’t always walk the dog the same route.

Dogs get bored with always walking around the same block every day for 10 minutes and then go home. They like to explore go different places and get to know the neighborhood and neighbors. And if you of someone can walk your dog 30 minutes twice a day it would be ideal. And in a park even better.

Now when they are puppies on their first 6 or 7 months, to walk them The same road is ideal so they won’t get lost but then they need to explore just like children.

11. Don’t let the dog pull you from the leash

The best thing to use is a hardness so it won’t hurt them and you will be stopping the dog pulling the body. Also, when you train your pup always use the same command. For example is you want the dog to stop, always say the same word “stop” or “hold it”. You need to use one command or the other or else you’ll confuse the dog. Also, treats for training.

12. Never put a collar to tight on a dog

The ideal item to used to walk a dog is a hardness. However, if you are using a collar it have to be an atropine one. The collar needs to be not too loose nor to tie. If it’s too loose it’ll come out from a dogs’s head and if it’s too tight it hurts the dog. Too tight can cause collapse, cracks, choke the dog, cough, the head be too big or other serous problems. The collar needs to be loose enough so you can easily put 2 fingers between the dogs’s neck and collar without feeling tight.

Also, the collar needs to be flat and soft material otherwise it will hurt the doggies.

13. All dogs must be spade or neutered.

Unless you are planing to bread or reproduce dogs… all dogs need to be spade or neutered by a veterinarian before the first heat. A dog nit.spade or neutered will cause cancer throughout the years

14. Be careful with the left over food

The left over food like from the garbage or street or bad state can get a dog very sick or Intoxicated, cause diarrhea, vomiting and other serious problems.

15. When, it’s too hot don’t walk a dog in the cement

A dog can easily burn you walking in a very hot cement. And that causes blister & dermatitis. Dermatitis is an irritation reddish skin that itches and hurts.

16. Never leave a dog without water

A dog doesn’t sweat And the.only way they have to hydrate is by drinking water. If a dog doesn’t have the water it needs is going to have serous problems in minutes.

17. Never shave a dogs’s hair.

The fur of a.dog is not just for the cold but it also protects the skin from the sun. And socially the bulldog they have very sensitive skin. I know people.cut a dogs’s hair with good intention. And wanting the best for the dog. And there is a lot of grooming business too. However, is a fact that the hair or fur of a dog is the protection from the sun. And without sun protection they can get dermatitis, itching on their skin, irritation, redness and other skin problems.

19. Excessively exercise

Never Have your dog exercise excessively. All dogs love to play, run and also they like to relax and enjoy the outdoors. And some dogs are more energetic then others. However, the dogs don’t like to run 2 miles in a row. That is bad for their.health. Also, we should never take a dog for a walk at certain time of the day, when the sun is too hot or when is freezing outside. Specially when is hot. A dog can easily get a heat stroke.

20. Brush a dogs’s hair at least once a.day

its important to brush your dogs’s hair because the dog loose hair in their body feeds the parasites. So to avoid the parasites it’s important to brush a dog daily. Also, dogs like being brush and it well builds a good relationship with your dog.

21. Don’t let your dog ride on the car with his head outside the window


I know how dogs love car rides. I think that one of the things they mostly enjoy are car rides Just don’t let them stick their head out the window while riding on the car because that will give them conjunctivitis in their eyes and their eye will get red and irritate.

22. Important to cut their claws

The dogs’s nail must be cut as needed for the following reasons:

a. The nail will give them fungus and it’s going to hurt when the dog walks

b. If it gets too long is going to hurt them and won’t be able to walk.

c. When a nail gets too long it can in incarnate. One time a cat of mine got a nail incarnated and she could barely walk. I had to take her to the veterinarian to operate on her nail.

Warning- a dog and a cat has vain in the nails and if you cut it too shorts you’ll cut a vain and they’ll bleed really bad. So either have it cut by a Professional or cut just where the nails begin to fold.

23 Never use a muzzle in a dog.

I’m aware that in some places certain breeds require to use a muzzle when going outside. However, there are some people that put them a muzzle so they won’t bark. And this is not just cruel but also that’s not going to teach them how to bark. The muzzle will cause the dog to be:

A. Psychologically effective

B. Depression. And sometimes don’t eat because they are depressed or sad.

C. Anxiety. And will bark more because they are anxious and frustrated.

Barking in a dog is normal. That’s how they express themselves. Now if your dog barks excessively there are ways of treating it and teaching him not to bark for anything. However, a muzzle is not the solution it’s just going to give you big psychological problems with the dog.

24. Be Careful where you leave a dog loose

This is mostly important when the dog is a puppy because puppy loves to run off to play and explore the world and can easily get lost. Also, the when a male dog goes after a female in heat, the female smell is so strong that they loose the smell of their home and get lost.

25. Be careful leaving a dog alone with a cat

I know there are cats and dogs that get along very well. Specially if they Know each other since they are a puppy and a kitten. However, dogs & cats have their temper And there are some risks.


a. There are many cases of cats scratching a dogs’s face with their long sharp cloth. And is specially danger in the dogs’s eyes and nose.

b. It’s not easy sewing a dogs’s nose back to t’s place. Not to mention that is a very expensive surgery.

26. A dog needs to go periodically to the veterinarian

A dog needs at least one annual check up with the veterinarian. The reasons are:

A. Vaccinations

a. Rabies

b. Basic shots like distemper

B. annual check up

C. Flea and lice control and treatment

If done from the very beginning is very easy to control and treat. The best way to treat it is to give then a medicine one a month and if you don’t’t have money there are other alternatives. If it’s not treat it, can cause serous health problems and money to cure.

D. Heart worm test and prevention. If it’s not control can cause serous health problems

27. Dogs are very sensitive to the sun light

a. Dogs mustn’t be out at noon or the hottest time of the day specially in very hot areas like Florida, the south of USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and other very hot areas

b. The dogs with white or light hair are more sensitive to the sun light then the other dogs, still you need to watch out with all dogs

c. The sun light can cause a hot stroke in a dog.

28. Dogs are sensitive to affections

So, please never ignore a dog. I realize that we are on the run doing things However, if you are busy doing something just say once in a while” hey is everything okey” or “how are you doing buddy” and pat the dog. And that is more then enough.
A dog that is ignored can easily get depress


These tips are Written for prevention. The owners that follow these tips and prevention won’t have any of thetse safety nor health problems with their dog. Prevention is better then getting sick and it will save you a lot of money, time and hard times

P.S. I got this information from a veterinarian names M.Manzano. He is from Spain.



  • amzyno |April 12, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    hiya, I read your article about dogs excellent piece of information you have provided you even made it easier for readers to read your information by having steps the steps really made me understand how I can treat my dog in a good condition so thank you. you even have a conclusion to make things more sense so keep it up the excellent piece of information I must say

    • Claudia |April 12, 2022 at 9:40 pm

      Thank you so much.

  • Reggie |April 12, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    I found this article to be very informative, I enjoyed reading it. I have had dogs all my life, and I have had lessons of live and learn with them. 

    I bought a rescue dog in 2016 and he was a very skittish, He didn’t do well with being out in the house. So we would keep a wired kennel out for him. He would spend a lot of his time in there, the door was open so he could come and go as he pleased. We also had another dog at the time that was not allowed in his kennel, as that was his safe place when he was over stimulated. 

    When I take my dogs to the vet and they have to do injects on my animals or evaluating them for pain in an area. I will tell the vet to muzzle them for everyones safety. Not that my dogs are aggressive, but when scared or someone is “hurting” them they are prone to react in different ways. The whole time and after the muzzle is on them I tell them how good they are. Once the muzzle is off I will reward them with pets and treats and tell them they did so good. 

    Thank you!

    • Claudia |April 12, 2022 at 9:12 pm

      Hello muzzle the dog is a terrible ideal speciallynif he is a rescue dog.  He needs people to trust him and treated with tenderness. Being nuzzle is going to make him feel anxious, scar and nervous. Just pat him  and say good grow while he is being invited. 

  • Lizzy Stabel |April 12, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    Just when you think that you know everything you need to know about dogs, a wonderful article comes along with more scientific facts. I didn’t know that it is not a good thing to stare at a dog, because my Golden just looks away when I do haha. Not letting the dog pull on the leash though, is easier said than done. Do you have any more tips or maybe special leashes to stop him from pulling? thanks!

    • Claudia |April 12, 2022 at 9:37 pm

      Hello. The best way to control a dog that pulls is to use a hardness not collar because you’ll be pulling the dog full body easily and it doesn’t hurt them at all. Also take him to a dog park so they can use up energy and socialize with other dogs and people that will calm them down a lot. Thank you for your question

  • Toplink |April 12, 2022 at 9:01 pm

    Wow! 28 tips in caring for dogs, This is a guide book that every new dog owner should have to read. It contain excellent tips and guidelines in order to keep your favorite pet healthy. Walking on grass is a great option, if possible, and many communities have dog parks for this very purpose. It saves the feet of both man and beast. Dogs are man’s best friend and need to be respected as valuable contributors to the family’ health so it makes perfect sense that we do everything in order to give them great health, also.

    • Claudia |April 12, 2022 at 9:23 pm

      Yes. I totally agree, a dog park is the best option  I always take my dog to the dog park. Thank you for your excellent comments.

  • Anastazja |April 12, 2022 at 9:02 pm

    Your article seems to cover it all when it comes to thinking about keep a dog safe and healthy.  Some of the things you mentioned we are aware of but there are a few that made us stop and think.  We need to be more intentional about cleaning our dogs teeth.  Also, we do allow our dog to have her head outside the window if she wants when we are driving.  We are going to stop this and feel fortunate that her eyes haven’t been hurt.   When walk in this part of California, we are very cautious about how far she gets from us even on a lease because of mountain lions.  Thanks for all these reminders to keep our dog safe and healthy.

    • Claudia |April 12, 2022 at 9:17 pm

      I’m glad to know that you findbthe article useful.

  • Megan |April 12, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    Hi Claudia! Thanks for this article, these are all excellent things to consider in taking the best care of our dogs that we can! Using a harness instead of a collar has been great for my dog as well. I think it’s great that you included how important regular dental care is for dogs as well, as this is something that people can often forget. I use a great natural dog
    toothpaste that my dog enjoys so she doesn’t mind when it is time to brush her teeth :). Our dogs are part of our family for sure :). Thanks again Claudia!

    • Claudia |April 13, 2022 at 12:05 am

      Hello Megan. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with your dog.nI’m sure this is great value to many that read it. And my dog is a member of my family too I totally agree with you.