It’s important to give your dog healthy, natural appropriate meals because healthy, natural appropriate meals will prevent some serous disease like cancer, heart disease among other serious illness. and can also cure your dogs from some conditions like diarrhea, Also, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs digestive system is more sensitives than the human digestive system.never the less, there are many foods they can eat but in moderation and with certain adjustments like without any seasoning and no salt. In this article I’m going to give you a list of 10 foods dogs can eat and how should they be prepare before serving it to dogs.

P.S. I got some of this information from a veterinarian that lives in Spain.

1.peanut Butter or cacao Butter

Peanut butter


it’s Greece food never the less is a healthy Greece food. And It’s’s specially good for the heart. It’s got Omega3 and lot of proteins that is very advisable.for dog.

P.S. You can serve the peanut butter in a spoon or put on a dog’s special toy for putting food so the dog can lick it and entertain itself.

2. Chicken


The chicken must be cooked(never raw) without salt nor seasoning. The chicken has high quality proteins and it’s great for all animals and specially even more For animals that are convalescent.

Alert:don’t give a dog any chicken bone nor skin- The chicken bone has stitch bone inside and when a dog eats it fast can easily chock. Also, can give diarrhea and the skin has also an element that’s bad for time salt is not going to do anything to the dog but with time will affect dog health & seasoning can cause diarrhea too.

I find it much easier for me, to buy cleaned chicken Brest ans just boil it. And there are supper markets that have cheep chicken cut in strips and clean without bones nor skin.

3. Cheese & yogurt

The cheese can be serve some times a bit as a snack because it has some vitamins that are very good for dogs like calcium. Important: just make sure it’s natural cheese like, white cheese, mozzarella, Swiss & provolone. Nothing with pepper or that is spicy not blue cheese.

The yogurt has calcium, vitamin “D”, and has excellent robotic which it’s excellent for any animal to recover from any illness .

Alert: If a dog is Lactose Intolerance the cheese or yogurt can cause deaths so please give a bit at first to make sure their fine with the yogurt or cheese.

P.S. if your dogs likes the cheese a lot and is Lactose intolerance you can still give them some dry cheese but not fresh cheese.

4. Carrots

The carrots are great for dogs. Carrots have vitamin “A”. acnotenm& good proteins in general, furthermore their great to cure dogs diarrhea fast. you can either boil it and serve it like smash potato you can serve it alone or with a little olive oil. Also, the raw carrots are great for cleaning their teeth or help the puppies when they’re teething.

5. Salmon

 Actually all fish in general are good for dogs l white or blue fish are great for dogs. However, the best fish you can serve a dog to eat is the Salmon a because it has amino acids, omega 3 & omega 6 and it’s wonderful for any dog’s health. Also, the Salmon is specially good to help dogs with cardiovascular problems. Tuna is great for dogs too.

Alert: it’s important that you take of the spines from the salmon or any other fish to avoid a dog from being chock.


The Pumpkin is an excellent source to recover your dog from Gastrointestinal meaning they have a terrible stomach problem that can cause diarrhea or vomiting or both. And with the Pumpkin they recover very fast because the pumpkins has lots of fiber which is great to absorb the extra liquid from the stomach that your dog doesn’t need and that will recover your dogs Gastrointestinal intestinal fast. Also, it has vitamin”A” just like the carrots. And Vitamin “A” is important because it gives you a high level of recovery.

P.S You can serve your dog one day Pumpkin another carrots this way they don’t get bored with eating the same thing. Just remember when you boil it no salt nor seasoning just the vegetable alone. Serve without skin.


 one cooked egg a day is wonderful for a dog that has diarrhea. You can serve it with the dogs regular diet or with some rice. The rice has carbohydrate de carbon which is good for dogs. And an egg has all the proteins that a dog needs. It also has amino acids, high level of Kidney phlegm & a mineral call Silent. Also, it has the good Greece that we all need.

Important: Never feed a dog any egg shells because it’s bad for them. Also, the egg must be cooked because raw eggs is bad for them. Also, can only feed one egg a day to a dog. Too much of anything can be bad.

 8. ApplesThis fruit is also fabulous to recover from diarrhea.

Warning: it’s important to take out the seeds and Apple trunk before serving it to a dog because it has an element that is toxic for dogs. Other than this detail,

Apples do wonders for a dog, it has vitamin”C” which is great for the winter to prevent breathing problems also it’s fabulous for the diarrhea. It can get cure from the diarrhea lots of time without having to take antibiotic.

Preparation: cut the apple and boil it, then smash it to make it like an apple source ( no salt nor seasonings for the dogs.)


The oatmeal is a cereal however there are different types of cereal like corn and wheat, those cereals are not good for dogs. However, oatmeal cereal are great for dogs. The oatmeal has a good source of fiber and very good quality of carbohydrate.


The potatoes do wonders for a dog that vomits or has diarrhea. You can either bake or boil a potato by it self with no salt nor seasoning. After cooking the potato take off the skin, smash the potato and serve it. You can either serve a little mix with some boils chicken, meat, fish or by itself. I always serve it to my dig and it does wonders for her. She has a delicate tummy and for any little thing she would vomit or get diarrhea.

When a dog vomits don’t feed them anything for like 12 hours, just water. After 10 to 12 hour feed the dog some boil or bake smash potatoes for a day or so before starting to feed the dogs regular food. I do it for my dog and it 10works wonderfully for her.

P.S. When you serve smash potato you can add to it a tea spoon of olive oil extra virgin. It needs to be only extra Virgin because it has all the natural nutrition that are great for all dogs. The amount that should be served of olive oil extra virgin is about a tea spoon for every 30Lb dog a day and more than a table spoon a day no matter how big the dog. The dog will love it and it gives the dog all the natural nutritions.

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  • Daniel Tshiyole |December 13, 2021 at 5:08 am

    This is a wonderful article. People tend to give their dogs anything to eat not knowing that some of it can be bad for them. I will be sure to share this article with all the dog owners I know. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from this article. Thank you so much for this 

    • Claudia |December 14, 2021 at 2:30 am

      Hello Daniel. I’m so happy to know that you like my article. And I hope that this article will help dog owners to keep their dog happy and healthy. Thank you on advance for sharing my article.

  • Matiss |December 19, 2021 at 3:57 am

    Yeah, I think that one of the primary things to understand is that their digestive system is more sensitive than ours, as you said. I mean, ours can take a lot more rubbish or beating before revolting to diarrhea or a stomach upset. And I do agree that the wrong kind of food can, essentially, be lethal to dogs.

    I mean, personally, when I think about this topic, sugar alcohols always come to mind. Because they are actually deadly to dogs whilst will cause a mere bloating to humans. They say that dog digestive systems just don’t have the enzymes to break down such a sugar form. And so, it’s actually lethal. 

    I really loved the list of the foods that we can share with our animals. Personally, I’ve known some dogs that have been avid apple and oatmeal eaters. 

    I know a few people whose dogs love pasta. Since it’s a wheat product, would you say that it isn’t a preferred choice to give to a dog?

    • Claudia |December 19, 2021 at 5:34 pm

      Apples & oatmeals are very good for dogs. They just can’t eat the trunk nor the seeds of the apple because it has a substance that are bad for dogs. However the apple itself is good for all dogs.  And going back to the oatmeal, I posted on the website an article about it, it’s call “Dogs & oatmeal”

      Yes. dogs can eat plain white rice and pasta. The pasta needs to be well cook. Raw pasta will make them sick soecially the yeast. No tomotoe nor anion nor garlic etc. It needs to be plain. Actually a serving of plain white rice with boil chicken is very good to fix a dog’s stomack ache. I hope this helps. If you have any other doubt, just ask and I’ll be glad to help you.