When bathing a puppy for the first time

When bathing a puppy for the first time it’s important that the puppy has a placenta and good experience.

How old does a puppy need to be so we can give him a bathe?

Before getting in to detail about bathing a puppy, you need to ask yourself, can I bath a puppy under two months? I wouldn’t advise it at all but before you make the.decision, you relay have to consider these three important facts:1. Is the puppy still being fed by it’s mom or has already been separated from the mom, 2. Also, when was the pup last vaccinated, .3. Does the pup have a lot and I mean a lot and great amount of fleas?

When a puppy is still with his mom

The fact is that a puppy under two months is still with his mother so is not advisable to bathe the puppy at all for the following reasons: first of.all it will lose it’s natural smell of the body and most likely the mother will not recognize the puppy and might reject the puppy thinking is not hers. Second, all dogs and pups have a natural oil in their body that protects them from getting sick and.if you bathe a pup you’ll take off all it’s natural protection and that could get a pup under 2 months sick. I wouldn’t advice a dog under 2 months to be bathe it could be risky.

What if the puppy is adopted or no longer with it’s mother

If the pup is no longer with it’s mom for some reason and the pup is supper, supper, supper muddy and with extremely amount of flea you might bath the pup in that extremely emergency but like I said earlier it’s not advice able at all.

Can a puppy 1 month and under be bath

No, absolutely not. If for some reason the puppy is very dirty or full of bugs of fleas the most you could do is clean it with a clean cloth with vinegar. Also, you can use a brush or comb to take of the bu the bugs.

How to bathe a dog

First of all, before bathing a dog or pup you need to get ready all the things a going to need for the bath:

You’ll need a smaller container that’s not to tell and only cover your dog unto the waist. This way the pup will feel more safe and secure, Dog’s shampoo or soap. It’s important to use a good dog’s shampoo or soap because their skin is different and more se Sensitive from ours. A clean dry towel, a dryer, a brush and a toy. The toy is important to entertain the pup will give him a bath.

Step1: Fill the container with warm water at a pleasant temperature.

Step2: wet the doggies with a cup, or smaller container, or host with ever is easier for you. And start wetting the body first leave the head for last.

Step3: Use a soap or shampoo and rub it on the dog’s body. Please make sure it’s a dog’s shampoo or soap because their skin is different from ours. You start with the back of the body and work yourself to the front of body tommy, chest and lower neck.

Step4: after soaping the body, wet the head a little very careful without wetting the ears, mouth nor nose. Their nose and ears are very sensitive and can get on infected or affect their hearing, breathing etc. So start wetting first a little on top and back of the head, the advert little soap or shampoo and rub on back and artfully on top so no soap will fall on the eyes nor ears. Then very careful and slowly with your hand only wet rub on checks, top of nose, under mouth. And make sure you barely wet the forehead so it won’t go down on eyes, nose, ear nor mouth.

I like to clean around their face with a cloth or cotton ball with a bit of baby oil

Step5: rise of all the body with a cup or host, then very carefully move the head toward the back to rinse off.

Step6: Dry the dog with a clean dry towel to get the big amount of water off from head and body. The towel is important to get of the big amount of water because they get cold and also to make sure their head and face are will dry and nothing goes on eyes, nose, ears nor mouth.

Step7: Finish drying well with a dryer.

Important, you need to keep the dryer like one foot away from the dog’s fur and in low temperature so it won’t harm a dog’s skin. Finishing drying the dog well with the dryer is important to avoid the dog from feeling cold because a dog will feel cold after a bath and can also get a cold as well.

Step8:Brush and/or comb at the same time that you are drying a dog use a brush to help dry up better. And remember to always keep the dryer far away from the dog to avoid skin burn Or irritation. And after drying finish up with brushing or comb.

Remember to use a smaller container to bathe a smaller dog or puppy. This way the dog feels more safe and with confidences.

Make a bath a pleasant experience

At the time you are bathing a dog it’s important to play with them while bathing them. You can use a toy or two so the dog or pup can play while being bath. This way you and a pet will enjoy the moment. And if the baths are pleasant the pup will like getting baths


When a going to bathe a dog, it’s important to make sure the dog is old enough and healthy for a bathe. And that you are very careful not to wet or soap around eyes, ears, nose nor mouth. The nose and the ears are the most sensitive. Have all the things ready before the bathe like towel, dryer, a toy etc. And it’s very important to make sure the pup or dog has a pleasant and great experience while being bathe. You can use toys to play with the dog while being bath. If a dog has a pleasant experience he or she will like having baths